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Cherry18 has sweetened the premier online virtual world of Second Life since September 22, 2006.

Merry Merry

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Our mottos: Our own “Merry , merry, take a cherry!”



From Rabelais: “Do what thou Wilt!”


the best sex online

  • Most of the internet is sex.
  • Most of the virtual world is sex.
  • We have the best sex in the virtual world.

Enter a fantasy world where you can choose, shape and control your avatar; where the 18+ schoolgirls of Cherry18 are squirming to meet you and please you, drawing out your darkest fantasies, and bringing them to life before your eyes. She will dance for you, strip down to nothing on a dance pole, come to your seat for a very special kind of lap dance, and if you want to, invite you to one of our themed private rooms (which room do you prefer?)

FORGET PHONE SEX – it is a thing of the past! Why pay so much for so little? If you like the sound of a lover’s voice, take one of our Voice escorts to a private room and let her treat you the way a man should be treated, like a king. Some of us Cherries also do live Cam, so just ask!

No judgments… only pleasure.

We are a full service cyber brothel

right at your fingertips, online, 24-7!